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Lisa Bradley

Lisa Bradley. Photo Credit: Bob Brady

Training Philosophy

Your Path Personal Training provides coaching for your personal fitness, activity, nutrition, and weight loss goals. I strongly believe that fitness is a journey, not a destination.

Lasting lifestyle change requires us to focus more on the process than any particular result. When we make small changes, and stick to them day after day, the results will take care of themselves. What we can strive for every day is the freedom and joy of functional movement. Everyone is born with the potential to move in the way that is expressed by elite professional athletes, even when the potential for this type of movement is well-hidden by self-destructive habits and impaired biomechanics. Elite professional athletes, weekend warriors, and ordinary mortals are all doing the same thing, just at different levels: we are all striving for self-mastery and self-improvement which is uniquely expressed through participation in sports.

Although we might start at different places, and we may travel at different speeds, all of us are traveling on the same path.


I currently teach self-myofascial release, stretching, pain management, and fitness walking at a locally-owned gym in Cincinnati, Ohio. In partnership with ShareCare, I have provided online fitness and nutrition coaching for dozens of members. I have worked as a site coach for 4 work sites in an online wellness program delivered to a major U.S. healthcare corporation. I also coached over 230 participants fitness and nutrition as a part of a national placebo-controlled clincial drug trial.  As a certified coach and mentor for Team in Training, I trained more than 20 women to walk or run their first marathon or half-marathon, and I assisted 4 others in training for their first triathlon. I coached high school and middle school Cross Country at Academy for Technology and the Classics, a public charter school, and in 2011 we advanced 5 boys and 3 girls to the New Mexico High School 3A State Championships. I served as an assistant coach for the Cross Country and Track & Field teams at ATC for four years. I was certified by Debra Mazda in the inaugural class of Shapely Girl Fitness Leaders in 2012, and in 2015 I completed the Eating Psychology Coach Certification from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

I am experienced in assisting people to begin a fitness and sports nutrition program, and have particular experience working with people who have special nutritional needs, such as diabetes or food allergies. Because I have been obese myself, I am uniquely sensitive to the nutritional and fitness challenges faced by clients who are overweight and who might have associated health challenges, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or restricted biomechanics.

If you are overweight or obese, or if you have a specific medical condition which makes exercise difficult for you, you have found your community. Take the first step — allow me to walk the path beside you as you as you begin your journey to wellness in movement.

In-person and online coaching is available. Your initial consultation is free.


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Certified Personal Trainer, 2010- present
Corrective Exercise Specialist, 2012-present
CPT Certificate #1411648


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EPCC-Coach-Badge-720Institute for the Psychology of Eating
Certified Eating Psychology Coach


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Team in Training
Certified Marathon & Half Marathon Walk Coach



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PowerBar Team Elite
Sponsored Coach, 2008-2012

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ShapelyGirl Fitness Leader